Frequent Questions


Question: Which frames to choose, Synthetic or Aluminum?

There is no right or wrong choice if we do not clear up two factors first:

i) The specifications
ii) Your needs

The specification of the materials that make up a structural element defines the construction method, the conditions of use and ultimately the strength limits. The usual excuse for hardware failure is the easy excuse. Depending on the money you will have, the color you choose, a salesperson will help you choose the synthetic window frames or aluminum pallets that meet your needs.

The next step is to select a professional so you can be sure of the excellent fitting of the frames ... and ask for information on the warranty that will cover you for years to come.

Question: Which company can I choose? (ELVIAL, EXALCO, ALUMIL, KOMMERLING, VEKA, REHAU)

The above companies of aluminum or synthetic frames and even more, DO NOT PRODUCE FRAMES. They produce systems and market raw materials (rods and fittings) for the construction of frames. Systems between companies actually have differences, but the essence of your choice lies more in WHO IT MANUFACTURES and WHO IT PLACES IT.

Question: What maintenance do frames need?

Aluminum or PVC windows must be periodically lubricated for the mechanisms and generally mobile metal parts. More specifically, the hinges, spades, tilting shears or the perimeter locking mechanism must be lubricated in the openings. The sliding and the rolling rollers must be lubricated on the slides. Lubrication should be repeated at least every three years. It is advisable to use silicone-based lubricants.

Question: How many days do you replace the frames in a house?

In a normal home the replacement will not take longer than 6-8 hours. If the house is too large, the corresponding craftsmen will be used to finish the replacement in one day.

Question: What is the energy glass pane?

New generation energy glass is a transparent glass, which has a tiny metal oxide coating on one side. This coating does not allow the transfer of heat from the inside of the house to the outside environment or vice versa.

Question: How much do the window frames fit in weather conditions?

The raw materials used for the manufacture of composite frames are the most ideal, as their choice arises as a result of research. ALU-SYN studies a variety of factors such as Mediterranean climatic conditions, and in particular the contrasts of winter and summer temperatures, the high radiation of the sun and many others for the construction of its finished products. Signing endurance and quality in every move.

Question: Why do molds appear in different windows?

When there is no proper ventilation of the interior, the humidity of the air, which is largely an enemy of the walls and a friend of the mold and fungus, is increased. In addition to the more frequent ventilation of the interior, it is worth mentioning that with suitable slats in the frame , you create an artificial micro-exhaust.

Question: Why do windows fill water vapor?

This phenomenon is usually observed during the winter season, especially in the bath and kitchen where air humidity is at very high levels (washing, cooking, etc.). This is because the liquid, hot air coming into contact with the cold glass is cooled, and the air vapor is liquefied and rolled onto the icy glass.