“Prima 8000” series is a new Economical Thermally Insulated Sliding system with a simple straight lines design. The special characteristic of the system is a double option for the sliding mechanism: Lift and slide mechanism with rubber whether-stripes for sealing or simple rollers with brushes.

It is made in order to have soundproof sliding systems with perfect thermal insulation, with an emphasis on functionality and contemporary style.

“Prima 8000” and “Prima 8500” have a common aesthetic design and can be combined perfectly.

Construction types

  • Successive.
  • In wall.
  • Lift & Slide or conventional sliding.
  • Single glass sash.
  • Mixed constructions.

Basic characteristics

  • Stainless steel lamina on drivers profile for smooth sliding.
  • Straight line design.
  • Optional Lift & Slide mechanism.
  • Optional multilocking mechanism.
  • Plastic cover (PVC) for drivers for thermal insulation and protection from water.
  • Elastic block (EPDM) seals drivers for successive and in-wall systems. 34mm (maximum) double or triple glass for better thermal and sound insulation.
  • Rubber tubular gaskets (EPDM) providing absolute seal to the sashes.
  • Specially designed PVC profile addition in glass sash profiles for excellent adaptation of components and insulation improving.
  • 2 levels of channelling of water (to the outer side of the frame), providing better drainage of the driver.
  • Can be combined with Prima 8500 for complex structures.


  • Aluminium Alloy: AIMgSi-0.5 F22
  • Hardness: 12 Webster
  • Minimum coating thickness: 75μm
  • Profile thickness: 1,4mm
  • Tolerance according to: EN 12020-02
  • Width of successive driver: 120mm (two sashes)
  • Width of in-wall driver: 134mm (glass-screen-shutter)
  • Width of glass sash: 47mm
  • Glazing thickness: 20-34mm
  • Polyamide width: 22mm
  • Factor of thermal conductivity for frame: Uf=4.3W/(m2*K)
  • Maximum sash dimensions for Lift & Slide System: 2,0m x 2,7m
  • Maximum sash dimensions for conventional slide System: 2,0m x 2,7m
  • Maximum sash weight for Lift & Slide System: 200 Kgr
  • Maximum sash weight for conventional slide System: 100 Kgr