Folding safety doors (railings) protect your private space without restricting the movement within it. They allow light and air to move freely and do not restrict the view to the outside.

The bell is constructed in such a way that it makes it impossible to break the lock from the side (the security lock is recessed in the bell visible on one side of the mill, providing more security because it can not be extruded to attempt to break the lock).

Folding railings for doors and windows are manufactured in all the desired height and width dimensions. They are fully assembled with rivets and screws (without soldering) resulting in greater corrosion resistance.

The frame, the driver, the bottom, the bend, the lock bolts and the vertical railways are made of hot galvanized steel 1.5 mm thick.

The cross bars are made of hot galvanized rods of 5 and 3 holes 2,5 or 4 thick, perpendicular to the vertical bars (15 x 15 mm) with interference of nylon spacers, in rows (usually two or three) depending on the desired stiffness of the structure. Five 510 mm holes are used for doors and 5 mm holes of 400 mm in length (2 holes of 3 holes of the appropriate length are used at each end).

Suspension from the top guide is made with a nylon or shaped galvanized steel walled carriage, each of which carries two rollers with nylon. Each brace is fitted to each rail and the guide supports are placed in the middle.

The nylon lining of the rollers and the nylon spacers in the articulated rail rails make silent the operation of the folding door.

The vertical vertical rails are supported on the frame and the bend with M6 screws and 3mm thick screws with a corresponding thread.

The security lock is recessed in the bell visible on one side of the mill, providing greater security since it can not be extruded to attempt to tamper with the lock. The lock pushes in opposite directions two latches, recessed into the bell of the collapsible, with built-in hooks which, in the closed position, draw in a corresponding hole in the front bumper of the frame. The pair of opposing bells provide greater security as there is no visible gap between them, thus securing the bolts.

In the folding folding type, the downhill with a suitable hinge can be folded over the collapsed door and opened with a 180 ° rotation leaving the door open and the floor unobstructed. The upper guide is divided into two sections, one of which has a length suitable to receive the collapsed door and is connected to the open case with additional reinforcements. In the closed position the two sections of the guide are aligned with a special adjustable latch.