ALU-SYN Ltd. was created in 1996 for the production of synthetic frames covering a very short time share of the Greek market.

Founder Nikolaos Tsouflidis has been involved with the processing of frames and related items since 1978 and has offered the construction of the most from his own meteorite, is now considered and is on the list of the top creators – frame makers all over Greece, giving even his ideas to suppliers for the best performance and best technology that can bring the frame to the buyer.

In 2008 ALU-SYN Ltd. made the big step by creating its own privately owned facilities of 1100 m2 with modern robotic machines to meet the requirements of the domestic and foreign markets. To this day, he continues to equip himself with what modern technology does. In 2012, the three children of Nikolaos Tsouflidis took over the company’s reins and added to the large catalog of its products and the aluminum frames which it manufactures in a supernumerary raft, always focusing on the high quality and aesthetics that accompanies the company in every construction.

The product range grew with armored and interior doors, with laminate floors and inox rails to provide the customer with a complete service covering the bulk of the necessary items for the home. Nowadays, the great variety that ALU-SYN SA can offer, the excellent quality and the competitive prices have established it in the best and most reliable companies in the industry.